Internet site creator and Course Coordinator, Linton Hutchinson, Ph.D.

Hi! I'm Linton Hutchinson and guess what? I been through the same agony and anxiety that you might be experiencing right about now regarding passing your exam!! I really don't like taking tests and look forward to them as much as a trip to the dentist. What I've put together on the Internet is a way to help you study for the exam so you can get on with your life and put this "experience" behind you as quickly as possible.

You might currently find yourself in a position where you:

• Have to pass this exam to keep your job
• Have to pass the exam to land a job
• Have to pass to further your career

Perhaps you have been out of school for a few years and everything you once knew has become "vapor-ware" either because you've forgot everything or the field has radically change since you received your Degree. It even could be the fact that while you were in school you had a family, raising kids, two jobs, obligations, and even a life and somehow never got around to learning Kohlberg's Stages of Moral Development the week before Christmas... Well, don't throw out the baby with the bath water just yet! Believe me, all that content "IS THERE" and it's just a matter of time and review.

When I received my Masters from the University of Central Florida, the DSM-II had just come out, HMO's didn't exist, and the Internet was for "geeks" and Computer Science Majors. Setting up a private practice was just a matter of getting an Occupational License ($23.00 a year) and advertising in the Yellow Pages. Believe me, things have significantly changed from those days! To make my long story short, the bad news was that I was out the country finishing up my Ph.D. research and missed the grand fathering of existing professionals in the State of Florida and had to take the national exam. The good news was that as a result of having to take the national exam cold turkey, I started to develop materials to study for the exam .

Since those early days, I've had a number of great opportunities after being licensed. I've been the Clinical Director for a Menninger Foundation Program working with abused and neglected children, Adjunct Counseling Professor at Troy State University, University of Central Florida, taught at the University of the South Pacific in the Fiji Islands, and the Counseling Program Coordinator for Webster University teaching many of the courses and content areas that you will find on the Case Manager Exam.

With the hundreds of students I've advised over the years and supervised in practicums and internships, one area of student weakness regardless of their competency is their inability to prepare and pass national exams. With my own experience regarding exams, 20 years practical counseling experience as a therapist, and as an instructor in the field, I decided to construct a exam review program that was student oriented, student friendly and that could be used anytime, anywhere.

Dr. Hutchinson received his MS degree from the University of Central Florida and a Ph.D. from Union Institute and University in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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