COVID-19 Support

Dr. Linton Hutchinson
Many of our users are in “wait mode” for taking the exam, so here is what we’re doing to help:

1. Reduced rates:
You can extend your study time at a reduced rate. After purchasing an initial subscription, you have automatic access to our reduced rates. You can add more time while your subscription is still active or after it expires. In order to access the reduced rates and extend your subscription you just need to be logged in to your account. The prices will automatically be adjusted with the reduced rates on the subscription page after you purchase an initial subscription.

2. Special promotions:
We have special promotions for study material that we will advertise on our websites and social media. Look for the banner on our homepage or check out Facebook page for details.

3. Pausing your subscription:
You have the option to pause your subscription and put it on hold until you want to use the remaining time on it. If you know you will be unable to study for a period of time, you can contact us to “pause” your subscription for you. You would then need to contact us again when you are ready to reactivate the subscription and use the remaining days.

4. Free webinars:
We will be having some free Webinars in the coming weeks and we will let you know more about those as we have further information. You can go to our Facebook page for info about upcoming webinars.

We’re here to help, so if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our customer service team.

It’s in there!

Linton and the Staff