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This site was EVERYTHING!!! I passed easily because of this site. Very similar to the test.

Just wanted to write to let you know I passed! Thanks for the great site!

Hi Linton, I wanted to thank-you for these inspirationals! I passed my exam today! I couldn’t have done it without your test prep questions! Thanks,

Just wanted to thank you. Ordered 24 hour access to your program this past weekend. Took the exam today and passed with flying colors. great resource! thank you

Linton, You won't believe it, but I actually PASSED the LPC exam...I found out yesterday! I couldn't be more thrilled or surprised! Since Virginia requires that the scores go directly to the VA Board, I have not seen my exact scores yet, but will once I send them the fee for my licensure. In case you don't remember, I reallllly thought I had failed because I was unable (because of going to the wrong section) to complete 7 out of 9 pages of one simulation. I guess I must have done as well as I hoped on the other 9 simulations! I just wanted to let you know...and to thank you for your support and especially the website you created. Quite honestly, it was a fantastic tool in terms of preparing for the national exam. Thank you again...hope this makes sense as I've hardly slept! Have a great week...:)

Ellen here. Just wanted to let you know that I passed!!!!!! (first time) Yipeee! Although I certainly didn't ace it, I did have plenty of room to spare to still pass. As I look back, I think doing loads of simulations and your sections that really forced me to go back to my DSM were the keys to success (and the earplugs, of course). Please pass that on to others. Thanks again for providing this service -- it's so much more fun to study your way! -- and for your accessibility and encouraging words.

I just wanted to let you know that this morning, I passed the NOTORIOUSLY hard DC clinical exam! I really appreciate your website, especially all the different approaches to learning (cue cards, lectures, games, etc). Thank you SO much Dr. H for the great exam prep! :)

I passed the LCPC exam!!! Your site was the absolute best resource and I have recommended it to many people :) Thank you so much for constantly updating it and creating something that can prep a person for EXACTLY what they need for the exam. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Just wanted to thank you. I bought a three month subscription, got busy at work and completely procrastinated. A week before the exam I purchased another week and spent 3-4 hours per day cramming. In addition I reading through the study guide, I watched every video and took every simulation on the site. On the morning of the test I got up and left early because there was snow. The freeway was a solid sheet of ice and I sat at a stand still for 1:40. I called the test site and amp. They arranged for me to take the test even though I was approximately 40 minutes late. I got the 4 hour test and finished it in 2:10. I not only passed but just about blew the thing out of the water. This was puzzling because I expected the real test to be more difficult than the simulations on the site. Not so. The simulations totally prepared me to more than do well on the real thing. Thanks so much for the help. I was hired into a position that required a license and with your help, now I can keep it long term.

I passed yesterday with 87% on both sections. I would recommend www.counselingexam.com to practice what the SIMs will look like. However, this site gives you more than you need. You do not need to focus on differential diagnosis or theories and his site does a lot of both. Still necessary for the practice in my opinion though. Give yourself breaks in the test- its a long time to "be on"! Good luck!
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